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Green Knight - Cedarwood and Rosewood Beard Wash

Green Knight - Cedarwood and Rosewood Beard Wash

Step into the heart of the forest with our Rosewood & Cedarwood Beard Wash. This sophisticated formula blends the warm, earthy tones of cedarwood with the slightly floral sweetness of rosewood for a truly unique and masculine scent experience.

Imagine: The rich, invigorating aroma of fresh cedarwood awakens your senses, intertwined with the subtle sweetness and floral hints of rosewood. This captivating blend evokes the wilderness and adds a touch of rugged elegance to your beard care routine.

More than just a captivating cologne scent, this beard wash is formulated for optimal beard health. It gently removes dirt, beardruff, and product buildup, while natural conditioners deeply nourish your beard, leaving it soft, manageable, and healthy-looking.


The Scent Profile:

  • Cedarwood: The dominant note is a warm, earthy aroma reminiscent of freshly cut cedar trees. It provides a sense of strength and masculinity.
  • Rosewood: A subtle sweetness with floral hints balances the earthiness of cedarwood, adding a touch of complexity and intrigue.


This isn't your average beard wash! Rosewood & Cedarwood Beard Wash provides a sophisticated and masculine scent that sets you apart.


Upgrade your beard care routine and connect with nature's essence with Rosewood & Cedarwood Beard Wash. Order yours today!

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